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Death Poems About Wine

Wine death poems and poems about death for Wine. Read and share these heartfelt Wine death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Wine Poems.

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, death, drink, lonely, philosophy, suicide, wine,

There Lies Art

The easel beholds a half finishing painting
The paints beside have all hardened
Pain reflected in the partial emptiness
Staring back at that gathered crowd

The sun melts on the canvas page
Creation explained in elapsed rage
Notions and pleas from dried paintbrushes
Strewn across the almost barren floor

One to the other in whispered voice
I wonder if this would have been his choice?
Empty wine bottles twirling in light
Beside the dead body, a painting just right

There lies Art
In repose
His final painting
His last prose

Poem Details | by hija de la luna |
Categories: bereavement, death, family, funeral, humor,

In a wine bottle

They hate his drinking -
       But they put his ashes in …
A wine bottle urn.


Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: autumn, death, depression, food, french, heart, wine,

Paris Floods

Paris Floods

In the city of young lovers
Of those lost philosophers
I rushed there to be
Walking along ancient stone

I was flooded
With wine
The rains would not stop
Depressions grasp soon to make me drop

Surrounded by poetry
Buried in the authors plume
Black ink crawls all over 
Devouring what little was left of me

Celts marched long ago
In footsteps I silently trace the sadness
The blood of angst fills me heart
I can no longer live inside those stories of lore

Rains keep falling
Rain pouring over me
Surrounded by books
I succumb to my death you know as
The Paris Floods

Drowned by poetry

Poem Details | by arthur vaso |
Categories: confusion, eulogy, identity, loss, perspective, psychological, wine,

Into the Night

Into the night

The pen or the knife
Wine or cheesy reality
Dancing with the devil
Delectable choices
Divine voices
Inside my head
Sadness mounts her horse
Decisions and predilections
The pen or the knife?
Do I even have a choice?

Poem Details | by bias fields |
Categories: death,

dark wine

neutral fool 
flesh sex 
twisted tool   
sketch of his mind 
like sharp poisoned 

Poem Details | by Mike Samford |
Categories: inspirational, loss, lost love, fruit, grave,

Bitter Wine

This fruit I plucked, though tightly entwined
(To hide from birds) in a thorny brier vine
I had hoped to pour from a goat hide flask
A sweet bouquet of blackberry wine.
To drink -a smile, from my true love's glass.

The thorns which saved the fruit from birds
Were sharp and long -filled with poison burrs.
A drop of blood from a brier thorn prick
Death came quick like a mute priest's words
Before wine turned sweet, blood turned thick.

Around my grave grows a thorny brier vine
Entwined, grows the sweetest berries, yet dry.
My beloved visits my grave no more
But for me in the fall blackberries cry
And stain my grave with a blood red lure.

Poem Details | by Cona Adams |
Categories: cancer, death,

Cookies and Blackberry Wine

The radiation had shrunk the tumor
they told her
after eight weeks of treatment

No one knows how long we have
she said bravely
We're better off than the birds

Yes, they work incessantly
I answered 
making polite conversation
while my heart shed silent tears

If they tell me I'm going
she said, smiling
I'll eat all the cookies I want

With a little wine
I agreed, knowing 
she loved blackberry wine

Poem Details | by ranzie claxton |
Categories: anniversary, death, loss,


Soft cool warmth
pungent rotten wine vomit!
I loved you always
that way
smooth glass silk red
cool burning
down the back of my throat
down down down
to the bottom
of my soul
where life
was there I thought
is there, was there, is there still.
I know because I found it
there still
since I lost you
I had to
I wasn't ready to die
I wasn't ready to live
Yet somewhere inbetween
I am...

Poem Details | by Tony Brady |
Categories: celebration, dark, death, faith, me, wine, youth,

Mr Skellington

If I was brought a skeleton,
the reanimated ghost.

Then he could feel alive again,
and to long full lives we would toast.

With cups full of red champagne,
unnatural reality at its most.

Watch as the unforsaken host,
bangs upon his bones.

Understand the wicked in our ways,
of being semipro’s.

Standing up for those unable,
feeling appreciation grow.

Then disabling the thoughts of man,
say my name three times, if you can.

You see, I hold faith in things unseen,
that live in shadow and in between.

One day the rain will all be over,
and the pain will just start to be seen.

Poem Details | by Vermillion Scythe |
Categories: dark, death, deep, grave, horror, truth, wine,

Power Of Death

The ghost with the cloak
stares coldly with no eyes
causing lids to shut
life thuds on land
his scythe steals souls and vitality
by the millions
creating profit for his red wine cellar
and in the end
he will stand on top

Poem Details | by Wanda Daugherty |
Categories: death, lost love, wine,

The Glass

The Glass

The wine sparkled in the glass,
As he lifted it toward the light,                            
How sweet it looked, warm and red.
The light danced cremson in the glass, 
A bright balm to his tormented soul.         
At last he brought it to his lips,
Expecting it's sweetness.                                   
But alas, he flung it from him.
It shattered on the dirty wall.                        
As red as blood.

Poem Details | by RUDOLPH RINALDI |
Categories: birth, death, future, growth, life, wine,

I fell in the Fall

the womb was home 
the first winter and summer

I fell in the fall
screaming and crying

then I crawled 
screaming and crying 

then I stood tall 
screaming and clawing 

I fell in the fall
silent and still

Poem Details | by Welkin Underwood |
Categories: death, joy, life, tree, wine,


Take you no bread nor wine.
Craving will die in time.
For those who endure rime
will know a joy sublime.

Hanging from windswept tree,
know yourself, know your deeds.
Drooping now over scree,
suffer in bitter glee.

Many days without cup.
Many nights without sup.
Riddles and truths unstuck.
Screaming still, take them up.

Cut down from hickory,
rise now in victory.
Feat for the century,
spread now your alary.