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Death Poems About Wolf

Wolf death poems and poems about death for Wolf. Read and share these heartfelt Wolf death poems with loved ones, friends and family members. Also, try our sister website's powerful search engine for non-death related poems or Wolf Poems.

Poem Details | by TAMMY REAMS |
Categories: animal, death, home, leadership, longing, peace, rights,

The Great Star Wolf

Alone he stands looking up to the "Great Star Wolf"
the highest ranking of the great chain
ready to make his claim

Sending him short prayers no longer howling to the moon
but to the "Great Star Wolf" to lead his soul
so he might take his rightful role

Into the Cave of Souls he'll go for legend is foretold
becoming part of the "Great Star Wolves" constellation
a tiny star you will see because now he is free.

3/12/2015   Contest: Canis Lupus the Wolf
                  Sponsored by: Shadow Hamilton
                   5th Place

Poem Details | by Navah Fuchs |
Categories: animals, childhood, death, loss, lost love, seasons,

The Winter Wolf

Silent whispers on broken vows, I cling to my dream of you.
You are the forest’s end, the wolf’s grin.
Climbing to the edge of bliss and sin,
There’s noting to obscure the view.

Looking to the sky laced with clouds, my eyes pierce the haze.
You danced into my world as a child.
Untamed, beckoning me to the wild.  
You unleashed my wings, bloodying my back, spirit crazed.

Little wolf, silver blade by my side.
We ran through the wood,
Constantly seeking to bloody our prey.
I am full on the carrion and broken pride.
Now you are gone, and all I have is your ghost.
A child, a maiden, a lover, a memory.
Frost grips at the beautiful ivory,
To the life I lead, to the path you craved most.

Poem Details | by John Logue |
Categories: addiction, baby, beautiful, bereavement, best friend, blue, vanity,


































Poem Details | by James Myers |
Categories: bereavement,

Lone Wolf

I am the warrior, who has travelled far and wide,
Searching for the truth,
The light of good protects me,
But darkness blinds me,

I care no more for this life or this world,
For I cared once ago,
Yet I lost her,
It left me broken,
It left me beaten,
So I decided to stop caring, 
As it will always lead to misery and sadness,
For the ones I love have now all left me, 
Never to return,
Such a cruel fate,

So I travel onwards never looking back,
A  Lone Wolf searching for a purpose and a place to call home.

Poem Details | by Samantha Hanifan |
Categories: anger, animal, beauty, betrayal, care, cry, death,

song of the wolf

who will hear our song,
If we are gone?
Will you feel our pain,
As our blood falls like rain?
Who will know our strife,
If you take our life?
Why can't we be free,
We leave you be.
What would you have done,
If it were you under the gun?
You say we are killers,
That we thirst for blood.
But you became a murderer,
When the first shot rung.

Poem Details | by randy johnson |
Categories: death, loss, sad, cousin, boy,

Like the boy who cried wolf

(This is a fictional poem)

My cousin was always broke.
He'd get free meals at restaurants by pretending to choke.
He did it again and again.
But people eventually stopped believing him and his life came to an end.
One day he ordered dinner and he really did choke.
But everybody thought he was faking and he croaked.
As they buried him, I cried.
But sadly it was his own fault that he died.

Poem Details | by Wyatt Loethen |
Categories: allegory, angst, animals, caregiving, confusion, death, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, family, fear, forgiveness, friendship, funeral, girlfriend-boyfriend,

Serenade To The Wolf

When we are rendered alone
And don't know where we should go
We new to overcome
The forces who drag us under

Some will persist to stay
But the darkness only grows ever stronger
It's time to anew

Though it gets harder every day
I'll promise I'll always live for you
There's no need to state your pain
I already see it in your eyes
We can break from their lies
Come and see what you have
come and see what you have is me

Poem Details | by stan bridge |
Categories: death, depression

Cry Wolf

Ive taken the tablets but dont want to die
It wasnt for real just a desperate cry
The medication hits me i fall to the ground
It shouldnt be this quick i was supposed to be found
But ive taken to many and a muscle i cant move
Why have i done this and what does it prove
Im slipping away now and never felt so alone
But i cant get help i cant reach for the phone matter now as i feel deaths icy grip
And into the darkness of oblivion i slip

Poem Details | by Ava Douglass |
Categories: animals, death, passion


Orange eyes like tiny topaz crystals glisten as he watches the sun go down, fading into a sea-
like sky of yellow and orange.

Lost. He finds a howling lost cub. Two is stronger than one he thinks. And lightly clasps the 
delicate cub in his bloodstained teeth.

Shortly, after 8 weeks of starvation the wolf became extremely famished...

A few seconds later the young, oblivious pup looked up to find it was gazing into the now 
blood-thirsty, ravenous wolf’s once sparkling orange now wicked red eyes.

He will never forgive himself for what he did, but he will forget.

By: Ava Douglass   Age: 12

Poem Details | by Kevin Crossed |
Categories: animal, anxiety, dark, death, emo, how i feel, pain,

Impaled Wolf

Little wolf, who is lost
Howl for help, hide your flaws
None see eyes, all see fur
All see fangs, none see hurt
See how well you hide the gore
As your psyche screams for more
More gripe, feel the warm juice
Cast another lame excuse
Those who cast eye do not care
It's more than their minds can bear

Poem Details | by Lynn Dolly |
Categories: confusion, death, dedication, depression, fear, friendship, health, hope, people, sad, people, life, people,

Wolf Cry or Not

So you've considered suicide,
Life's so bad you want to die?
Is this a moment of honesty ,
Or are you being an attention horror,
Guess either way doesn't matter,
It'd be the wolf cry I can't ignore, 

Left your house unconvinced,
This wont be the end of this,
Cant encourage this behavior,
You've got to fix this, you're you're only savior,
I know people you can talk to with degrees,
Don't want my friends' existence to cease

I wonder why you told me this,
Keeping people alive isn't why I exist,
A huge burden just fell in my lap,
I don't own a life saving cap,
I'm no superhero, but I'll stand by my friend,
Just don't want your life story to end

Poem Details | by Rae Stegall |
Categories: death, loss, sad, beautiful, beautiful,

Suicidal Wolf

This wolf’s tears sparkle in the moonlight,
The fear of the night,
And the mourning of the dead cubs,
Why must such a beautiful creature mourn,
Save something that feels,
Just like you and me,
Such beauty suffers,
And running in the moonlight,
Unable to stand this loss,
Burdened by guilt she runs,
Into the river,
Drowning herself,
And reuniting herself with her babies,
What a heavy loss she faced,
I see why she did it,
This beautiful wolf is dead,
And it’s all our fault.